About Dallah Company

10 years of experience

Daleh Food Industries is specialized in the local coffee industry, which was established in 2011, the company began from Aleppo, Syria, which has been very popular within the city.

The company has been very popular since the beginnings to these days. Over the ten years of continuous work, the annual production rate has increased significantly, reaching the beginning of 20 tonnes to our current year to 100 tons.



The company relies in its industry on the production of packed ground coffee with many kinds:

  • Plain coffee: 100% Brazilian coffee without any additional, grind to an appropriate degree of fineness.
  • Coffee with cardamom: It consists of 100% Brazilian coffee grind to an appropriate degree of fineness, with a some of ground cardamom added.
  • Coffee with extra cardamom: It consists of 100% Brazilian coffee grind to an appropriate degree of fineness, in addition to extra of ground cardamom.
  • And now we are preparing various types of coffee super chocolate, hazelnut, and super with musk.

And all of these types are filled with aluminum bags completely deflated to preserve the flavor of the coffee for as long as possible.


The company's launch was with some simple industries, but over 10 years it turned into a huge company offering many industries, including:

  • Pure black Ceylon tea, plain and flavored, with musk flavor, in 400-gram packages.
  • Packed green cardamom weighing 1 kg / 5 kg.
  • Cappuccino with a weight of 1 kg and 250 grams.
  • Instant coffee, golden and classic, 400g / 100g.
  • Bitter (Arabic) liquid coffee.
  • Coffee whitener weighing 1 kg and 750 grams.
  • Orchid in envelopes 250 grams.
  • Cocoa in a 250g sachet.


All of these products are manufactured within the best international standards and standards.



The company is also working with its management on a development study to work so that new products are added within its industries such as:

  • 3 for 1 in an envelope.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Cocoa and others.
  • Instant coffee golden and classic, in 2g sachets.

At the present time, the only branch of the company is located in Adana, and we do not have any other branch. The company provides delivery service to customers to all Turkish states and some Syrian regions. A work development plan is being studied and the possibility of exporting to Europe and Africa is being studied.


Finally, what helped us succeed in 10 years guarantees us survival and continuity. There are many factors that help us to keep going are good planning and continuous hard work. Thus, the company promises its valued customers more development and production while maintaining quality and excellence.

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